Dr. Bret E. Sherman

dr-bret-e-shermanDr. Sherman is board-certified in Otolaryngology (ear nose and throat surgery) and Sleep Medicine. Like Dr. DeMera, Dr. Sherman is a native of Fresno and a graduate of Bullard High School. Dr. Sherman attended Stanford University, graduating with degrees in both Biology and Medical Microbiology. He then returned to Fresno, becoming a Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student in the Masters’ Program in Biology at Fresno State. Dr. Sherman then matriculated to the University of California, Davis, where he simultaneously completed graduate degrees from the School of Medicine and the Graduate Group of Comparative Pathology (M.D., Ph.D.). He performed his surgical and otolaryngology residency training at the U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

After completing his surgical training, Dr. Sherman moved back to Fresno in 2001, and joined the Central California Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Group (CCENT).
While at CCENT, and with the support of the surgical staff and administration of the Community Medical System, Dr. Sherman focused his private practice on sleep apnea therapy and diagnosis. He became a leader in upper airway remodeling procedures, particularly to the tongue base and nose to improve breathing. To increase his understanding of sleep medicine and to increase the quality of sleep apnea diagnosis in Fresno, he co-founded and was Medical Director of the Central California Sleep Disorders Center, LLC. Upon eligibility, Dr. Sherman passed the Sleep Medicine Examinations, and became Board Specialized in both Sleep Medicine and Ear Nose and Throat surgery.

Dr. Sherman returns to practice as an associate physician on a limited basis only. Dr. Sherman will not be performing surgery, and patient appointments are strictly limited to time slots three days per week. While new, non-surgical consultations are welcome, patients are asked to understand the limited nature of appointment slots and Dr. Sherman’s commitment to existing patients. As always, Dr. Sherman’s style of patient care and attention to detail mean individualized care with every patient. Services offered by Dr. Sherman at the DeMera Allergy Asthma & Immunology Center include state-of-the-art rooms for laryngology examination and testing for acid reflux disease (LPR), as well as microscopic examination of the ear for hearing loss, wax and mastoid hygiene care.