Client Testimonials

I want to share with others my experience with Dr. Richard DeMera.Dr. DeMera has been my lung and asthma specialist for several years now. I find him to be a warm, caring and thoughtful physician. I have complete trust in his decision making process involving my health.My family also sees Dr. DeMera, and we all consider him to be a bright and competent physician. Therefore, one can see that I highly recommend him. -Marilynn (Mimi) Mann

I was referred to Dr. DeMera by another patient for a long term cough. I was hesitant to go because I had already treated with another allergist, among other doctors, and no one was able to determine why I had a cough for 8 years. Dr. DeMera saw me and after I described my cough he knew what it was. I was prescribed medication and he told me I would be better within 3 weeks. I was 70% better by the first week and continue to improve.Dr. DeMera is truly a compassionate doctor that wants his patients to be well, not generate money by return doctor visits. We tell all of our family and friends what a great doctor Dr. DeMera is and how kind and compassionate his staff is. We would highly recommend Dr. DeMera to anyone! -Toni Jones

My story with allergies starts when I was a young child. As I think back at one of my earliest memories, probably around 5 or 6 years old, I remember living in Oklahoma. It was a ritual for me to get up in the middle of the night to sit in a rocking chair because my nose was stuffed up. Then, it came to my knowledge that watermelon and other foods caused my stomach to become upset and developed itching in my mouth. I then progressed into adult onset asthma at age 18 and had many sinus infections over the years. I had received 20 plus years of allergy shot therapy with little relief. I had been stung by bees as a child, like most of us, and had minimum reaction. At age 25, I suffered amiphylaxsis from a yellow jacket sting. I guess it was not my time, since as you see, I survived the reaction. In the last 8 years, all the medications, prednisone tabs and inhalers that had worked for me in the past, now gave me terrible joint pain and swelling. I felt great anxiety as my options seem to be running out. A friend of mine told me about Dr. DeMera, whom she thought was a wonderful doctor.When I made my first appointment, I told Dr. DeMera that I did not know why I was in an allergist office looking for help at age 60 plus years. I did not know where else to seek advice or help. I was sent for a blood test to determine if the IgElevel was elevated. This could of caused the “over reactions” of my immune system that were getting worse each year. My blood test result did enable me to receive the injections for 6 months. I can truly say that I have at least 85% improvement in symptoms and I know based on my progress so far, that it can get even better. I have talked with patients that have had the same results with xolair injections. My body is getting a long needed rest from medications that have turned against me. If my story helps ONE person or child, I will be happy. If you are suffering with these kinds of problems, there is help for you as there was for me. Do not give up.Go see Dr. DeMera. He will find the right treatment for you. He has a wonderful and professional group of office staff and they really care!!! I thank god for the healing that I have found and feel I must share this and my wonderful experience with Dr. DeMera and his office.I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. -Faye Gillette